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RIBEN at the BIS Committee evidence inquiry

On Tuesday 21 May, the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee held its first evidence session for its inquiry into the UK Retail Sector.

Written submissions of evidence were invited on Government support for the retail sector, during what the British Retail Consortium (BRC) describes as a 'crucial time for retailers'.

The BIS Committee invited submissions of evidence on areas including:
- implementation of BIS' action points contained in the Retail Strategy Document (9 October 2012)
- progress made in implementing the recommendations of the Portas Review
- the impact of on-line sales and direct sales on high street retailers
- the skills needed for a successful sector
- the regulations and costs affecting the sector

In the relevant evidence submitted by the ESRC, the work conducted by the RIBEN Capacity Building Cluster features highly as key evidence of high-quality collaborative research and effective engagement with the retail industry. The document submitted by the ESRC refers to both past and on-going research projects undertaken by the RIBEN cluster and draws attention to the wide range of partners RIBEN has collaborated/engaged with (ranging from corporate retailers such as Sainsbury's, ASDA and Tesco, to local government and NGOs); in addition, the document also draws attention to the impact of RIBEN projects in informing the retail planning policy agenda and retail planning practice in the UK.

For the complete list of submitted evidence for the UK Retail Sector inquiry, you can visit the BIS Commons Select Committee site HERE

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