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RIBEN Director at high profile London think tank event -10 July

ESRC RIBEN Director Prof Wrigley is one of the lead speakers at Politeia...

Politeia, a London think tank will be holding a round table conference on 'Saving the Town Centre - Putting the High Streets at the Heart of Recovery'.

Leading the discussion will be Baroness Hanham, Under-Secretary of State, Department of Communities and Local Government. She will be joined by a panel of specialists - of which prof Wrigley is the sole academic.

The aim of the round table is to address some of the problems faced by town centres, which have been on the decline as their share of consumer spending has gone down by 30 per cent - much of it lost to the out-of-town centres and the internet. With fewer customers, businesses close, jobs are lost, premises become vacant. Indeed, the implications are serious for the wider UK economy, in which the retail sector not only buys and sells goods and services but plays an important part as an investor, employer, trainer and tax payer.

The meeting will consider the problems faced by Britain's town centres - from shrinking market share to high rents, business rates, and difficulties of access. It will analyse the implications of current policy and the measures needed if town centres are once again to play a vital role in local communities and our wider economic life.

The event will provide an occasion for politicians and officials in Westminster and Whitehall to discuss the issues with a small group of those involved in shaping policy for - and national debate about - the revival of town centres, drawn from local government, academic life, the media and leaders from business and the town centre commercial sector.

For more information on Politeia, please visit: http://www.politeia.co.uk

Posted 09/07/2013 10:56

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