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Professor Wrigley presents findings at RTPI Annual Conference - 9 October 2014

Professor Neil Wrigley was invited to present findings from the Future High Streets Evidence Review at the RTPI Annual Conference, held on 9 October in London.

This year's RTPI conference titled "What is the future for the UK's town centres and retail planning?", reviewed the impact of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and revised National Planning Practice Guidance (NPPG) on town centre development and planning. Presentations were illustrated throughout with case study examples of how to regenerate, fund, manage and promote successful and 'fit for purpose' town centres for the 21st Century.

Following an introduction by Scott Dennison, (Head of Strategic Analysis at the Department for Communities and Local Government) looking at the ways the government has been supporting high streets and town centres, Neil Wrigley summarised and discussed findings from the Future High Streets Evidence Review, a work co-commissioned by the Future High Streets Forum and the ESRC and led by Southampton University.

A brief guide to the reviewed evidence on UK High Streets, titled 'High Street Performance and Evolution: a brief Guide to the Evidence', co-authored by Professor Neil Wrigley and Dr Dionysia Lambiri was published in July 2014. The guide summarises robust evidence currently available on the trends impacting high streets and town centres. It explains how those trends have changed, and will continue to change, those vital commercial and social spaces, while also identifying the most significant gaps in evidence.

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