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Prof Neil Wrigley discusses Britain’s convenience culture on BBC’s ‘You and Yours’

Neil Wrigley spoke on BBC Radio 4 'You and Yours' programme (22 January 2015), on the continuing success of convenience store formats, particularly those operated by the big supermarkets.

Neil Wrigley noted that the key force behind the success of convenience retail over the past decade is a shift of consumers' preference towards smaller, choice-edited neighbourhood stores. Prof Wrigley pointed out that retail has always been about convenience; but recently, a rising number of consumers are becoming less convinced about the concept of convenience which involves long-distance one-stop shopping, and are increasingly valuing the ease of top-up shopping in local convenience stores.

Shifts in consumer behaviour are to a great extent technology-driven as people are increasingly embracing online shopping. However, these shifts are partly rooted in significant socio-demographic and lifestyle changes which have characterised recent decades. Additionally, since 2008, consumers have adapted their behaviour to economic crisis and austerity in a way that is supportive of a neighbourhood conception of convenience, which involves a 'little and often' shopping approach, that balances more appropriately household demands.

To listen to the programme click HERE (Neil Wrigley speaks at 30:25)

You may also be interested in the recent opinion piece on 'Convenience Culture and the Evolving High Street'(by Neil Wrigley and Dionysia Lambiri), available HERE

Posted 27/01/2015 13:23

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